Monaco is a small country mostly known for its luxurious casinos. It is a place of glamour and glitz that attracts an impressive number of tourists each year. Though it is considered to be a true Mecca of betting, the laws for the citizens are pretty strict. This is a story of a country where legal gambling is actually illegal.
Monaco-gamblingThe Legal Background
As curious as it may seem, betting is actually illegal in Monaco. Citizens are not allowed to wager, nor to enter a casino. The strangest thing is that this rule does not apply to the people who work in a betting house. Foreign nationals can also try their luck whenever they want as they face no restrictions.
The laws that ban betting take us back in 1800. They were created by Charles III, Prince of Monaco in a response to the fiscal crisis that struggled the country in that period. As a result, gambling was seen as a solution to fix the economic problems. To be more precise, it targeted the English upper class and banned the common citizens, as they were considered counterproductive. Though a radical solution, it turned out to be really effective, as the state managed to pay off the debts exclusively from this industry.
The Single Zero Roulette
Few people know that the single zero roulette was born in Monte Carlo. It was invented by Francois Blanc, a French entrepreneur. However, the game remained between the borders of the country until 1933. Nowadays, it is a highly played game in both land-based and virtual casinos.If you’d like to learn more about virtual casinos, you can find additional resources here.
The Casinos
The famous casinos from Monte Carlo are owned by the SBM company, where a major stakeholder is the royal family. The five important casinos are governed by informal rules and are self-regulated. There was an attempt to ban any other form of gambling, except the local casinos, but it was rejected. This means that people who visit this country, but also locals can gamble with no problem online.
Monaco is also popular for sports betting. The most famous event is the Monaco Grand Prix. It is a real magnet for rich nationals, but also wealthy tourists.
The dress code is extremely strict in Monaco’s casinos. In order to join the gaming rooms it is mandatory to use proper Monaco Gambling clothes. In this case, shorts and flip flops are definitely out of the question. People who choose the private rooms after 8 PM need to wear a jacket. At the same time, no types of uniforms are allowed.
The Future of Gambling
In 2014, the citizens from Monaco are not allowed to gamble in the local casinos, but they can join an international provider. However, the future does not seem promising at all. Rumors say that foreign casinos will need to gain a license in order to provide their services, and this means sticking to some very strict rules. At the same time, it is planned to restrict games like blackjack, roulette and craps only to brick and mortar casino. Though this does not seem to affect in any way foreigners, it can turn out to be a true disaster for local fans.
It can be concluded that Monaco is a paradise of brick and mortar casinos. It is a land of luxury and riches, but with strict and tough rules for the citizens.
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Slot games tend to be very trendy. A simple and fun idea slot machines are, with the player’s one purpose to hit the jackpot.
gambling-slot-1Online slot games are considered to be a great way to spend your spare time. They can indeed be interesting and entertaining and can bring fabulous earnings. This short guide aims to help you comprehend how this mechanism functions.
There is absolutely no difference between real and virtual slots. If you want to get started it’s essential to establish the sum you wish to wager. Keep in mind that you need to take a risk in order to be in a position to hit the jackpot. The whole procedure is a matter of keys to press. There are 2 main categories of slot machines: straight slots and progressive slots. Straight slots pay for the winning combination a sum of money based on the plan incorporated in the device. As a result a cherry can pay double the initial sum introduced. There are 4 variations of this game: Multiplier, Bonus Multiplier, Multiple Payline slots, Buy-a-Pay Slot.
Progressive slots get bigger and bigger with every single coin introduced. For this reason there are very popular among gamblers. When the jackpot is hit the device goes back to the initial amount. Remember that big payoffs truly enhance your chances of winning.
There are many people today who choose to play slots on virtual casinos as they’re so advantageous. They also come with appealing features. An important advantage of this game of luck would be that it grants access to many variations, point that causes it to be extremely exciting. The pictures and sounds act like those seen in real casinos.
A dependable provider is the one that guarantees data and money safety. You must also search online for slot-img-2the ideal promotions and easy access to free games. Playing online is fun, particularly as the payouts are more attractive. Not to mention the indisputable fact that you can hit the jackpot more than once during the same wagering session. The odds of winning are higher if you use the auto-play button and take pleasure in several games at the same time. It is advisable to do a bit of research and browse online reviews around beforehand, that way you can get a scope of what is available out there.
You can find no more and no less than 200 slot games. They are in a continuous improvement. There is a great rivalry among providers, and this can only suggest even better attributes for players. Commitment is also treasured and most important awarded, so keep this detail in mind when you create an account.
Slot games can be played on the PC, but also on smart devices. In other words you can spin the reel right from your telephone. You can find numerous apps accessible for all customers.
Slot games will surely make you put aside the daily troubles. Just keep in mind that you need to be correctly informed in order to enjoy a successful experience.
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Poker is the kind of game that many play, but not all succeed. However, if you are looking for big prizes, this is definitely the right place to be. Local, regional and world tournaments are life changing due to the rewords they offer. Such an example is the case of Daniel Colman, who won $15 million in one night at the World Series of Poker.


Poker Tournaments
The poker events represent a great opportunity for passionate players to reveal their talent and skills. Not everybody is ready to face the pressure of this competition, thus only the best can go home with their pockets full.


The One Drop Event

One Drop was launched in 2007 by the founder of the famous Cirque du Soleil. The purpose of the event was to raise awareness of the parts of the world where water and sanitation system represent a luxury. At the same time, it wanted to raise money for this cause.


In 2012, the One Drop tournament became the host for 48 poker elites, and business people donated $111,111 for every million-dollar entry fee. The mixture of the games of luck with the charity cause leads to a well-deserved win-win situation.


The Story

Daniel Colman is a young professional poker player from Mass. He mainly plays online to develop his skills in a controlled environment. In order to maximize his opportunities, he also lived in Rio de Janeiro and Montreal. He does not like to expose himself to the media. Colman is the type of guy who comes and does his job and then leaves quietly.


Though Colman does not like to speak to the media, from his point of view, poker is a game where many people are prone to lose. Though he does not promote this game in a positive manner, it can be easily concluded that such a success requires:

  • long hours of practice
  • tactics
  • the capability to restrain your emotions
  • luck

The event started at 3 P.M. and lasted until 4 A.M. As it can be seen, winning over $15 million in one night is not a piece of cake. You need to be able to keep yourself focused not only on your hand, but on the hands of all players who join your table. Daniel Colman managed to do it calmly, thus it is definitely an example worthy to follow.


Top 5 Funny Slots Myths

When it comes to winning money easily, players can imagine the most awkward assumptions. Slots definitely do not make an exception and for some reason, people can’t take them as a simple game of luck and try to make them more complicated. Furthermore, there are myths that state a certain behavior as the key to success for incredible winnings. Besides the fact that they have nothing in common with reality, they are also really funny, as it can be seen in the examples below.


Slot Games


The easiness of playing slots is the main factor that makes them so appealing. Once they were introduced in the online environment, they also became extremely accessible. However, it is important to be able to distinguish slots as games of luck and slots as entertainment. The first ones bring financial benefits while the second ones can be found on socialization sites and are mostly about competing against friends.

A veritable slot game assures:


* The same odds for all players


* Numbers and symbols displayed in a random manner


* High quality graphics and sounds


* Real winnings


* Appealing Jackpots

What Is Right and What Is Wrong?


Myth no. 1: If you get the chips to a right temperature level, you will definitely hit the Jackpot.

It is really funny to analyze what people do while spinning the reel of a slot machine. There are many who believe that a hot chip can influence the course of the game thus they keep it in their hands and try to make it reach the optimum temperature. However, this type of behavior is completely useless as slot machines are operated by advance technology that cannot be cheated.


Myth no. 2: If you hold the machine during the spinning process, it is more likely to hit the Jackpot.

There is a high possibility to be a certain connection between the previous myth and this one. A plausible explanation would be that heat can influence the results. For this reason, there are people, completely sober, who hug the device, hoping to get the optimum combination of symbols. Unfortunately, this behavior will only lead to a funny posture and laughter so it is better to avoid it.


Myth no. 3: Slot machines are operated by leprechauns that establish the course of the game based on facial preferences.

Though this myth sounds crazy, there are people who still believe that the great winnings assured by slot machines come from the mythical creatures called leprechauns. Furthermore, they guarantee the big Jackpot only to people who they find attractive. This means that if you are not that good looking, there are no chances to be successful. However, this could be an explanation why some people keep on smiling while spinning the reel.

Myth no. 4: The darkest corner hides the most profitable slot machines.

There are many people who believe that slot machines that assure a high payback percentage are placed in areas generally avoided by customers, such as halls or distant corners. The truth is that each casino has its own display formula in mind, and it is much more complex than this. Moreover, it depends on the theme they promote, the condition of the devices and the aesthetic appearance. Furthermore, remember that you must check the payouts before choosing a certain machine and by no means rely solely on the assumptions of this myth or any other myth.

Myth no. 5: Online slots are just about virtual money.

As it was mention above, it is mandatory to distinguish online casinos from socialization sites that assure a fun and easy variant of slot games. The truth is that trustworthy providers assure the same thrill and excitement of land based casinos with real winnings and even more consistent Jackpots. Not to mention the fact that they can be accessed right from the comfort of home.

Remember to stay away from fake promises and assumptions and to play responsibly. Good luck and many profitable spins!

When there are so many options to choose from, finding the best Australian online casino can turn out to be pretty confusing. Pokies fans can relate how hard it is to choose the game that is both safe and assures great bonuses. Websites like this one are an excellent resource for the beginner and veteran player. In this vast and appealing world, it is good to know that reviews represent the ultimate test that proves the authenticity of the benefits claimed by a provider. The purpose of this article is to reveal some basic aspects each Australian online gambler should check before creating an account with an online casino.




7 Qualities of Reliable Online Casinos

The best Australian online casinos are those that provide a great variety of online pokies. Having the opportunity to enjoy quality games with beautiful graphics, leads to increased chances of winning big. In order to be able to choose the best site from the impressive offer, it is important to consider the following four aspects:

  • The progressive jackpots assured must be life-changing
  • Each stake level must lead to different games
  • Bonuses must grant access to a wide variety of free games with great winnings
  • The possibility to participate to pokies tournaments
  • The welcome bonus must be appealing enough to give the site a try
  • The payment methods must be easy to use and operate
  • Permanent customer support in case something goes wrong


Pokies and Bonuses

Most Australian online casinos provide great bonuses for players who choose to use their services. The offer is quite generous and can go up to 200% of the amount deposited. Furthermore, it is advisable to stick to the same site in order to enjoy loyalty programs. They mainly include free spins and impressive jackpots.


The best way to test the authenticity of the bonuses a certain online casino claims to provide is by reading reviews. They also ensure a better view regarding the client satisfaction ratio and how easy or hard it is to hit the jackpot. Moreover, negative comments can help players stay away from an unpleasant experience.


Online Pokies Features

Online pokies are fun and easy to play. The rules of each game are clearly stated, so players do not require specialized training. The graphics and sound play a major role in the popularity of a certain game. Some use fruits and numbers while others rely on characters from famous movies. The variety is great, thus it is very hard to get bored. The main features of online pokies are:

  • Accessibility – there are only two things required in order to play online pokies: a decent PC and a reliable internet connection.
  • Auto-play mode – besides providing the opportunity to spin the reel at any time, it also represents a great chance for beginners to master the game quickly by following effective tips.
  • Appealing graphics and great animation – the design of each game is directly focused to please the player. It is in a continuous improvement in order to ensure a memorable experience.
  • Affordable betting – most pokies can be played with few virtual coins. It depends on each player, whether to go for the big jackpot with high bets or to take it step by step with small ones.
  • Realistic casino atmosphere – the experience provided by online pokies is very natural. Besides the impressive graphics, the sound and light effects make the players feel like spinning the reel in a brick and mortar casino.


Benefits of Online Pokies

The greatest advantage of playing online pokies is the accessibility. Australians can enjoy them at home, on the road or while waiting for someone directly on the phone or tablet. The fun has no limit, especially when there is the possibility to try free tournaments between friends. It is such an interactive game in a continuous improvement that there are weak chances to replace it with a different hobby. Furthermore, online pokies grant access to:


  • An interactive world with great features, such as free spins, appealing bonuses and even 3D fun
  • A reliable gambling experience with high chances of winning
  • The possibility to try the games at no cost for as much time as each player desires
  • A great variety of games
  • An interactive environment, perfect for meeting new people and make friends





The Importance of Good Reviews

The reliability of an Australian online casino is directly linked to the reviews it has received.  While the thrill and excitement of games can be subjective, the accuracy of bonuses and winnings leaves no room for interpretations.  This makes the reviews the ultimate proof, whether to try an online casino or not. The best places to find quality opinions are reputable online casino review sites, blogs and forums.


Pokies, just like any other gambling game, must be treated responsibly. A game session must not overcome a pre-established budget, and it should last until the player gets bored or loses interest.

There are so many superstitions that surround gambling games that it is sometimes hard to distinguish what is wrong from what is right. The uncertain legal background makes Canadians worry even more when this subject is approached. In order to enjoy the games of luck it is important to distinguish the truth that stands behind the most popular myths.



Myth number 1: There are higher chances to be struck by lightning than to win at lottery – FALSE



This myth can expand to other gambling games such as poker, blackjack or even roulette. The great thing about this myth is the fact that it was busted by Ed Stanek, the Iowa Lottery Commissioner. After gathering related data, he published an article with clear specifications. In a single year, there were 1,136 North Americans who won 1 million dollars and 4,520 who won $100,000. On the other hand, there were only 91 persons killed by lightning. Are there any doubts left?



Myth number 2: Gambling is all about the money – FALSE


Many people see gambling games as a negative addiction and people play only to increase their earnings. This statement highlights just a small part of what the games of luck are about. Their main purpose is to entertain. Brick and mortar and online casinos have lively designs with appealing colors and sounds that help people forget about daily worries and enjoy a fun and exciting world. Furthermore, it is an environment perfect for socialization and meeting new people.



Myth number 3: Most gambling enthusiasts are kids – FALSE


There is a great fear among Canadians regarding kids and gambling games. There is a whole new concept of social games that can be similar to casino ones. It is important to understand that they do not cause any type of addiction and are mainly linked to the form of communication the young generation uses today, like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Furthermore, it is a must to be at least 18 years old in order to play in a land based or virtual casino.




Myth number 4: Gambling is not a problem if a person can afford it – FALSE


One thing is true about gambling games: if they are treated irresponsibly they can cause addictions. Having enough money to bet non-stop is not a good justification for such a behavior and can have a negative impact. If a person is uncertain about his/her values, he/she becomes antisocial or spends more time in a casino than with his/her family then there is a problem and needs to be treated as soon as possible.



Myth number 5: You need to flip a coin to predict the result – FALSE


There are people who believe in lucky charms or symbols. There is a popular saying that if a coin is flipped ten times and every time it comes up head, the eleventh one can predict the right decision the player must take. The truth is that there are fifty-fifty chances to come up head every time, regardless how many flips are made. Instead of relying on luck, it is advisable to develop strategies and to try tested tips and tricks.


As a conclusion, all Canadian gamblers must understand that gambling games must be treated responsibly in order to enjoy all the fun and excitement they provide.


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Gambling games attract more and more enthusiasts year after year. Some are fascinated by the possibility of winning big with no notable effort while others find it a great opportunity to practice their skills. Regardless the purpose, one thing is certain: the games of luck imply impressive losses if they are not treated responsibly. In order to enjoy a successful experience it is important to follow the 5 rules of betting.





I. Set up a betting sum that must not be exceeded


This is a rule that most players know, but few manage to respect. The problem is that most punters who face great winnings or loses tend to forget about the amount established before starting the game. It is absolutely legit to go for the highest stakes as long as the bankroll and experience affords it. Otherwise, it is highly recommended to take it step by step. A great way to recognize a limit is to imagine the consequences of losing the money. If they seem problematic, it is advisable to avoid placing the bet.





II. Learn the rules


As intuitive as a player may be there are no chances to be successful at a game without knowing the rules. There are certain aspects that need to be checked before deciding to play:

  • It is important to know how to place a bet correctly;
  • It is important to know how if winnings rely mostly on the odds or on a developed strategy;
  • It is important to know if the game allows one or more winners;
  • It is important to know if the payout worth the time and money invested.





III. Place safe bets


It is good to take risks, as long as they are well calculated. To be more precise, it is highly advisable to take each move step by step and rely on successful strategies. A good way to test new ideas is to look for online casinos that provide access to free trials. Though each game is different, such approach provides a clear image if the idea leads to a great failure or safe winning.





IV. Never trust advices that promise to ensure a fortune


Besides the possibility of playing gambling games online, the Internet also grants access to all sorts of pages that provide useful information for a successful gambling experience. The first thing than needs to be understood is the fact that there is no such thing as a universal formula. What works for a player can turn out to be inefficient for another. Each advice read must be thoroughly analyzed before tried, furthermore:

  • Never trust an advice blindly;
  • Never trust people who ask for money in order to reveal the key of success;
  • Never try a strategy that does not match your skills and way of playing.





V. Be patient


In order to enjoy a gambling experience it is mandatory to be patient. This implies taking each game at a time and developing skills according to the way the situation evolves. Furthermore, it is important to have fun and be able to see it as a means of spending free time. Running for great winnings blindly will ensure nothing but loses.




American Roulette is a well-known adaptation of the classic European game. The detail that differentiates them is the double zero slot specific to the US version. The concept is rather simple, and this may be the fact that attracts so many enthusiasts year after year. In order to win, the player must guess the number on which the ball will stop. Though luck stands behind a successful experience, it is important to understand the roots of American roulette in order to know when to keep on betting and when to stop.






The Origins of the Word “Roulette”

Few people know that “roulette” is a French word that means “small wheel”. Basically, it represents the way this game is played. A tiny ball made of metal is thrown into a spinning wheel and ends up resting on a numbered slot of a certain color (black, red or green). Betting can be done on a specific number or on groups of numbers. If the ball rests on one of the two areas that contains zero (that are colored green), the house wins the game.


The Origins of American Roulette

The origins of roulette are highly disputed. Some claim that it was invented thousands of years ago by Chinese, while others invoke more recent times. Still, there is a theory accepted by most scientists that claims that the father of this game is the French mathematician Blaise Pascal. Casinos adopted roulette in the 1800s and maintained its popularity ever since.


It is believed that a Frenchman introduced the roulette in the United States in the 19th century. Though the European version had only one zero, the Americans introduced an extra slot with double zero. The first who felt attracted by this game of chance were the western miners and workers. It gradually captured the attention of casinos that adopted this variant and made it available to the public.


American Roulette Moves Online

Casinos understood the popularity of the Internet and transposed their games into the virtual environment. American roulette was introduced in the mid 1990s. Having non-stop access to this game increased its popularity even more. Additionally, reputable sites offer incredible bonuses that actually allow players to try the game for free.



Regardless the medium players decide to try American roulette, the rules are universal valid. In order to bet correctly it is important to be familiar with the layout. The game has 38 divisions that are numbered from 1 to 36 and two 0s. The numbers are arranged identical in order to provide equal chances of winning.


Betting can be done in two ways: on the inner part of the betting area (also known as inside bets), or on the outer section (also known as outside bets). The first variant allows the player to choose a number or a group of numbers. The odds are higher in the second option as it does not consider the zeros.


The video below explains the spinning process in a detailed way:





American roulette is fun to play. Furthermore, it can ensure significant winnings. Remember to bet responsible in order to enjoy a pleasant experience!

Bingo is a very popular game with many fans. Having the opportunity to play it online increased its popularity even more. It is extremely convenient to spend free time in a pleasant way and grow your budget from the comfort of home. If you still wonder whether to try online bingo or not, check out the great benefits of the virtual version of bingo.





The Online Game

Bingo is considered to be an excellent form of entertainment. Its reputation stands behind the “Bingo” call. Many people wondered if the virtual world managed to maintain the social aspect of the game. Fortunately, it did. Online sites offer the same benefits as playing in person. There is a strong sense of community cultivated in order to maintain all the traditional aspects of bingo fun. And the best part is that you do not need to leave the house in order to enjoy them.


Why Choose Online Bingo?

Online bingo provides excitement, fun and most importantly winnings, all on a single web page. Other great benefits include:

  • Online bingo sites offer a wide variety of games. While waiting for your favorite bingo match to start you can try your luck at poker, slots or keno.
  •  Bingo sites include chat rooms that support communication between players.
  • Chat moderators have the role to assure a fun and active environment, but also encourage interesting talks between players.
  • It is extremely convenient to play online bingo. You do not need to leave the home in order to play nor stick to operating hours of bingo halls. The games are available 24 hours a day seven days a week.
  • You can enjoy special games from the comfort of your sofa, without worrying about crowded rooms with restricted access.
  • The prizes are more consistent than in the case of brick and mortar bingo rooms.
  • You can increase your chances of winning by playing several games at the same time.

Bingo games represent a fun way to socialize and win money. Online bingo brings all these great benefits for you to savor without any restrictions.



The main purpose of all slot players is to hit the jackpot. We develop strategies in order to make our dreams come true. Technology brought this game from casinos to PCs, mobile phones and tablets. There are some impressive winnings in the history of online slots that represent a true motivation for all enthusiasts.




Top Seven Successful Stories


From $6 to nearly $8,500,000

Giorgio M. is a young business owner who won an outstanding prize in May 2009. With a bet of only $6 he managed to achieve the biggest online slots win of $8,482,920.



The next impressive story is the one of “Obaesso”, a young British blacksmith. The huge jackpot of $8,000,000 was hit on May 15th 2007 while playing progressive slots.


From $4 to $2,474,720

Mr. L.A. gained a huge jackpot from a minimum bet. With only $4 investment, he won $2,474,720. This means that each dollar he betted was worth $618,680.

$1,966,183 from a $100 deposit

Marty Ogden is a janitor from Florida, who won $1,966,183. It all started with a deposit of $100.


Double Jackpot

It is hard to believe that a person can be so lucky to hit a double jackpot. Leah A. received $682,822 from two jackpots in a single night while playing progressive slots. The first lucky one was of $432,180 and the second one of $250,642.

$286,609 in just six minutes

Another successful story comes from Canada, and the protagonist is “Silvana3”. She was 45 years old when she hit the jackpot and a newbie in the online slots’ world. She won the astonishing amount of $286,609 in only six minutes after registering, from a bet of $13.


Mobile winnings

Who says that you need to stay in front of the computer in order to be lucky? A man from Texas won $163,114 in 2006 by playing on his cell phone. As it can be seen online slots were embraced by the new technology.


It is our turn now to write a successful story. May the odds be ever in our favor!